European Design, American Made




European design, American made Fifty three years ago, a young,talented,ambitious Parisian jeweler landed in New York City

with three innovative wedding eternity band samples in his pocket and a dream of making his mark in the world of high end jewelry. Jean Vitau's apprenticeship in his uncle's Parisian atelier not only molded him into a fine craftsman but also instilled visionary creativity and a European design sensibility that would all be hallmarks of his success. His stringent training at the bench and exposure to the world of Parisian luxury jewelry would be the standard by which he would establish his New York City workshop and become his claim to fame. The proprietary bridge setting later branded and advertised as the Gemlok setting through the Vitau's brilliant marketing vision, would revolutionize the bridal band market. The patented setting was an absolutely new and innovative setting technique that not only afforded the discerning bride with a unique, elegant look, but also a cutting edge, more secure, snag proof way of setting diamonds. As the brand's success grew, the Vitaus, with the same relentless standard of quality, expanded the Gemlok collection to include necklaces, bracelets and earrings, offering something for what was quickly becoming a devoted Gemlok following. Today, the Gemlok collection has expanded to include bespoke, colored gem jewels, reflective of the family's deep passion of unusual, natural gemstones and their dedication to the marriage of color and design. Whether it's a classic diamond bracelet to round out the jewelry "wardrobe", a Gemlok band to commemorate a wedding or anniversary or a pair of bespoke colored gem earrings, the Gemlok client expects only the finest. The timeless, elegance and beauty of each Gemlok jewel not only affords it's owner the pleasure of many years of wear but becomes an heirloom passed on from generation to generation.

Our Atelier


all created and handmade in New York

Every piece created in our atelier is finely hand crafted by highly experienced jewelers and all gemstones painstakingly picked for the highest quality and with special attention to color, quality and luster. In keeping with our highest standard, only natural stones, whether they be diamond, precious or semi precious gems, are used. From product conception, to design, to manufacturing, each piece is treated as a unique wearable creation. The Gemlok client has a keen eye for fashion, understands original design and expects only the highest quality. "I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." The iconic Oscar Wilde quote, embraces the Gemlok philosophy and continues to be trademark passed down through the generations of this family owned business.